May 3-6, 2015 Asilomar, California

SNAPL is a new venue for discussions about programming languages. Open to perspectives from both industry and academia, SNAPL values innovation, experience-based insight, and vision. Not affiliated with any other organization, SNAPL is organized by the PL community for the PL community.

If you are interested in attending SNAPL, please submit a five-page paper on a programming languages topic. Appropriate topics include the following:

  • a visionary idea requiring years of exploration and evaluation,
  • progress on an ongoing, long-term research program,
  • lessons from a completed project, including design mistakes,
  • well-argued challenges to accepted ideas and methods,
  • an unexpected connection between two areas of programming languages,
  • a new foundation for a well-explored area of programming languages, and
  • a new line of research that exploits results from other areas of Computer Science or other disciplines.

This list is not meant to be exclusive. A good SNAPL paper may resemble a grant proposal, mini-keynote, or other format that would not find a home at traditional conferences. Your submission must convince the Program Committee that your talk will lead to a stimulating, thoughtful, and perhaps (gently) provocative discussion.

Submission Details:

Update: The submission must be formatted using the LIPIcs style and must have no more than eight pages (excluding bibliography), which is equivalent to roughly five pages in the ACM style. Final papers can be up to 16 LIPIcs pages in length (excluding bibliography), and will be published on the open-access LIPIcs archive.

SNAPL will also accept one-page abstracts. Abstracts will be reviewed lightly and all submitted accepted abstracts will be published on the SNAPL 2015 web page. Authors of selected abstracts will be invited to give a 5-minute presentation at the gong show at the conference.

We expect SNAPL papers to be well-argued and worthy of publication and citation. To encourage authors to submit their best work, we are limiting each person to be author or co-author of only one eight-page submission. There is no limit on the number of one-page abstracts submitted. We prefer experienced presenters and each submission must indicate on the submission site which co-author will present the paper at the meeting.

Update: The EasyChair submission website is now open.

[This call for papers is inspired by CIDR.]

Important Dates

Submission: January 6, 2015, extended to: January 9, 2015, Anywhere on Earth (a firm deadline)
Decisions announced: February 20, 2015
Final versions due: March 20, 2015
Conference: May 3-6, 2015